But dark comes first..

Birthday-summer 161


Walk along, dear heart

and meet again the places that you’ve been.

Retell old stories of past steps.

Steps now covered in the shadows of those who feel they are alone.

Wandering shadows,

their comforts out of reach,

while their exposed feet slide unsure into the impressions that your stumbling once left behind.

Their puzzled faces,

wrapped around minds which have not adjusted to the change they feel

yet cannot see.

For the dark clarity that swaddles their future selves, holds fast.

That unyielding darkness.

The great defender of the precious sublime,

not to be seen on this side of the mountain.

Walk along side them, dear heart.

Tell them that the dark keeps company with light

and protects it against any foe.

Old friends they,

taking turns at introducing themselves,

but dark comes first.

So stand with them, dear heart.

Stay close to those wanderers.

Stay until the light reassures its protector

that all is well.


Second chances

morris 071

There is a language.

A wordless – perfect understanding.

The inner makings that form pure joy.

The hallelujah – heart filled glory of achievement.

Through struggle, loss, redemption and back again.

You know when you’ve been there.

When relief comes in like a flood.

And wonder brings tears to your eyes.

A second chance.

And no words can do it justice.

Silent praise for when good comes through.

Soul stirring awe, when dreams are rescued.