He’d been seen

backyard 014


He knew he’d been seen when the space around him warmed, familiar.

When words gave their rights away to a silence that steadied his racing pulse,

and straightened the curve of his spine.

His heart having kept pace with hurried breathing.

Breath catching up to speeding thoughts – rowing backwards in time

to find where he’d missed his calling.

Back to where his name stopped feeling like the center of him

and started feeling like the outskirts of his best intentions.

And then to have it melt away..

Peeled back.

The weighted rush of day-to-day invisible,

forced to retreat

and bow before a strength of kindness so bright

that it cut through all of his darkness.


2 thoughts on “He’d been seen

  1. Nice to see you again! This is so deep I just about figure one line, when I start reading the next one and have to cogitate again — LOL! Your mind is amazing! Love your picture too — very sweet.

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