garden 047

We were a stone’s throw in the moonlight,

the stillness before the ripple,

and the cascade in every direction

all at once.

We seemed to hold every aspect of time.

Made young in the glow of eager smiles, captive to chance.

The palest shade of new.

Green – budding with the highest heights we would reach, still a secret within us.

A secret our spirits knew all too well.

And they’d dance together when we weren’t looking.

And talk of our destinies

as if they’d already happened.

As if they were already celebrating,

the good not yet done.


12 thoughts on “Young

  1. I love these thoughts of spirits dancing together when we’re not looking, and celebrating the good not done yet! Makes me think, and reconfirm my belief, that maybe they have done this before. Thank-you,

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