Through laced fingers

garden 105


Before her hope could run away,

before it could wrestle free from the need that had it surrounded,

before it could unravel the dreams it had made,

dreams sewn into place by the line that held together the horizon,

dreams that cinched the gap between earth and sky,

she clasped that hope in her hands.

Felt the weight of it buckle her knees.

Rethreaded what had come undone between laced fingers,

and laid her heart upon it.

And unwittingly found herself reenacting a scene from her childhood.

The picture of her younger self

learning the language of angels.


12 thoughts on “Through laced fingers

  1. I like this one.. “the language of angels” I read that a few times. πŸ™‚ It felt comforting.
    I’m a bit behind..but I am still here. I was sorry to hear about the followers thing. Glad it got figured out.
    Love –

  2. I have never before experienced what your writing does to me! It’s so deep My mind is not always yet comprehending, on first read-thru, all that you’re saying, but apparently my soul is because I am covered with goosebumps! Then I read it a few more times to get all I can from it. I’m breathless!

  3. That is so incredibly sweet, Renae! Thank you so much. You are always so supportive. I’m such a fan of yours, so it means the world coming from you!! πŸ™‚

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