Love would fly

garden 028


She told me that love could fly.

Whispered it to me, as if to keep it a secret.

She said it could fly the way that birds do.

The way that time must.

She said this with eyes full of bright believing.

Then she set out to prove it was so,

kissed her tiny hand, and with a deep breath

blew life into love,

giving it wings.

Her thin arms batting at the air around us

as if to join in on love’s flight.

Her precious heart, full with faith that the space between us

would hold safe her present.

The same way it carried her laughter, and every word she spoke.

And she smiled soft, as her sweetness spread its warmth across my face.

Knowing that her gift had made its way home.



9 thoughts on “Love would fly

  1. What a gorgeous poem from tip to toe. A beautiful little moment. Thank you for putting this into my day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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