garden 281

Her mind had set its course.

Heart driven to find what had been buried by time, wasting.

The sweet brightness within her that never dimmed, but waited.

Having learned from morning that night’s bitter cold never destroyed,

only preserved.

And that darkness only fell to reintroduce light.

So, with the weight of night still fresh within her senses,

the memory of a thousand mornings woke what was left of idle passion,

and pressed her heart to move.


13 thoughts on “Pressed

  1. ‘…that darkness only fell to reintroduce light.’
    What a wonderful line 🙂
    Thank you for posting this, Devan. Moving words, as always. I found it encouraging, on a day when I felt like my light had all but gone out.

  2. That means the world to me, Dora! That you felt some light from this post… You have blessed my day with this comment. Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. A masterpiece, Devan! I had goosebumps through the first reading, when I didn’t even yet grasp the meaning. My soul was comprehending more than my brain. I love the gorgeous dahlia image, and I’m once again marveling at your delightful wording, revealing such awe-inspiring thoughts.

  4. Thank you!! I love that you said your “soul was comprehending” it. That means so much. I love that thought. And thank you for mentioning the picture. That is one of my favorites photos so far. 🙂

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