The answer was months away from the question.

Buried deep beneath the dust,

under the flowerbed where she’d find it.

On an unassuming day and moment,

pulling at weeds among flowers,

trying to tell the two apart,

she would already be standing on what she needed to know.

After having desperately searched through every seedling thought that she possessed.

She need only continue to care as best she could for what felt like so little.

Nurturing what in time would beget gardens.


16 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. I really like this one, Devan. I see the themes of the “in-between” time often in my work as well as my life; the darkness waiting for the light, the planting of seeds and having to continue to hope and have faith that they will be germinated in their own time, in the way that was written for each of us even before we were born.

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