From the start


It felt like old friendship from the start.

The way our names bent smiles into our faces,

and led us to conversations that stretched out long like those roads on the scenic way home.

When you introduced yourself, I recognized you instantly.

When you shook my hand, it felt like the truth.

Like kindred spirits catching up to each other – finally present.

Together in time, relieved to find the parts of themselves that had gone missing.

And we fell into step like dancers do,

with the exception that neither one of us wanted to lead,

but rather walk the distance of devotion,

shoulder to shoulder so that our hearts would remain close.


13 thoughts on “From the start

  1. Just as there are musicians and those who only play the notes, there are poets and those who only string words together. We at WordPress are so blessed to have a true poet among us. Thank you, Devan for sharing with us your vision, your craft, your artistry and the very heart and soul of you.

    Respect and Admiration,


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