Pulled in


She found herself lost

under the words of a poem that had pulled her in.

Words that took her by the hand to see below their surfaces.

To see where their meanings took root and kept reaching.

Plunging low then rising.

Climbing to be seen,

then diving to be found.

All the while, revealing to her pictures of her life.

Pictures tucked in between their frailties.

Webbing line after line into a gossamer covering.

The delicate lining of her restless soul – spent and run weary,

after wrestling to have its needs met.


16 thoughts on “Pulled in

  1. I wanted to leave a comment here, but maybe Facebook would have been just as good. I set up a WordPress account anyway. Seems better here to me, but I’m unsure.

    Anyway, what a beautifully written poignant image you portray here! Your writing is amazing, so deep and poetic. Have you always liked to write, or is it a new interest, along with the photography?

    You already know I love the pic you used here — so creative! And now I see it fits the word picture, as well. Nice work! I’ll slowly peruse your earlier posts. Your soul is showing, girl! I recognize the feelings you speak to… such a struggle as a wife and mother to still find some way to meet the needs of oneself as a person.

  2. Hi Renae! That’s so exciting that you set up an account. I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful pictures. I’m becoming a broken record with this, but I was completely blown away by your photography.

    Thanks for finding me here. I’m so glad that you saw where I was going with this post. It is hard as a mom to meet those needs for yourself, but it’s important to remember to never sell yourself short.

    Anyway, it was so good seeing you! I’ll talk with you soon. 🙂

  3. {giggle} Can’t help enjoying the broken record — it’s sweet you’re a fan! Thanks for the kudos — you warm my heart!

    As far as the meeting of needs, I’ve gradually learned to be more open about asking for what I want/need. It’s so hard for all of us to do, it seems, but I’ve figured out if I don’t take care of myself, nobody will. I have an unusually wonderful husband with boatloads of insight and intuition, but even he just can’t do for me what I need, unless I ask! Even more surprisingly, he still often falls short. For example, he just can’t give me heart-warming sympathy. Is that weird or what?!! I have to rely on girlfriends, God and myself for the rest. But of course he can’t give it if he doesn’t know I need it. Craziness!

    Maybe this is too intimate to share here, but seems like a good discussion we all could have here. I see mostly women in the comments — not that this is just a women’s issue. What a wonderful way to use your blog, if we could all share and learn from each other! Let me know if I’m out of line. I can handle it!

  4. This is not out of line at all! I think it’s a great topic to discuss and get all of the feedback we can. I have definitely struggled with asking for what I want/need. And I’m still settling into the notion that I can serve people better if I’m at my best, which means that “self care” is a necessity.

    Thanks for stopping by again, and feel free to comment as you like. I love the conversation! 🙂

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