Fresh start


Out of breath,

huddled underneath the curling edge of a leafy awning,

she waited out the rain.

Feet soaked and cold.

The hem of her dress muddied, but no concern for that.

Rapt in the sound of falling waters overhead.

The calming chorus of drop after drop,

and the sliver of light shining through that rainy sky.

A light that cut through the impossible dark, to find her where she was,

drawing a golden line along the dirt beside her.

A light that didn’t seem to fit the scene,

but turned every drop to crystal as it fell fast to meet the earth.

And she breathed in the fresh start that so much rain had provided.

And looked over the ground she had run moments before,

now sparkling new.


5 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. I have the same question as TrashBash – where did she run from? i can imagine running – i have run in the rain before, not that i was running from anything or one, but just running. There is something some visceral about the rain – refreshing and clean:)

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