Looking up


Looking up through the covering,

she saw that cracks were starting to form

in the hedge of impossibility that hung overhead.

A hedge spoken into existence by those who knew no better than what they’d been taught.

Trusted voices breathing out smoke although they lacked fire.

Voices that clouded her judgement with their best intentions to shed light.

Still, her soul was stirring, even while crouching down to fit in.

Having been placed within confines that hadn’t earned the right to hold her so tightly.

Her inward strength was beginning to stand up.

Backbone, pushing past boundaries of thought until it ripped through those grim ceilings.

Ceilings built with doubt,

fortified with failed attempts at trying,

were now crumbling.


7 thoughts on “Looking up

  1. Devan: This reminds me of when I volunteered for a month after Katrina as a mental health professional. It was exhausting work, and one of the evacuees, Cassandra, told me to, “Always look up, Miss Theresa, always look up.” I’ve never forgotten her or her words, and yours brought them back at a time when I needed to hear them. Thank you.

  2. What a poetic way to describe inner strength, standing up and being who you are meant to be. How others try to coax us to fit in, and some souls are just meant to stand out. I simply love how you capture emotions.

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