Good company

August2 016

The last few minutes were a blur.

He was still speaking, but her mind had gotten caught on the word “promise”, as he said it.

It left his lips and landed just below her left collar bone.

And unlike the ones before that either fell and bounced, or landed and peeled away over time, this promise settled in like coming home.

It sat in front of her fire and warmed itself.

There was something about the nature of this promise.

Its mild temperament.

Its easy demeanor, that agreed with the rules of her heart.

She immediately knew that it could be trusted.

So she opened the door to her heart completely.

But instead of stepping in, the promise placed itself at the entryway.

Marveled at the view.

And planted itself to stand guard against the comings and goings.

It would protect what it loved.

And as he continued to speak, her heart skipped.

For the joy of finding this good company.


16 thoughts on “Good company

  1. If you click on ‘posed and written’ in the top left corner, you should be able to scroll through them. Let me know if you’re still having trouble. 🙂

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