Here and there

Virginia 090

Where did you go?

Standing right here in front of me, yet gone for a moment.

Perhaps visiting simpler times, or old friends.

Perhaps you’ve gone back to places where your mind didn’t crave wandering so much.

Because where you were was actually good enough.

Maybe you’ve gone back to a time when your arms weren’t as full as they are now.

Weighed down with holding, but not having.

Can I help lighten your load?

Can I take the heaviness from your hands?

I promise that it will be safe with me.

Let it go, and free your hands to hold the hand of another.

Put it down so that you don’t feel so tired when you are awake and restless when you sleep.

Put it down so that you don’t wander away as much, looking for better days than this.

Standing right here, but so far away.

I look in the mirror and ask, “where did you go?”


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