Just past seeing

august 015

There was a world on the other side of vision.

A depth past seeing, that brushed against her imagination.

Wonders darting in and out of the threshold of realism.

Leaving their clues and hinting at existing.

The dust sparkle in a midday stream of light.

An unseen, hair raising touch.

The cool smell of rains that have not yet fallen.

All glimpses of a deeper knowing.

The front side of veiled expanses.

Where inexplicable things reside and keep company with memories and faith.

And she tried to block it out, even though it called to her often.

Believing these suggestions to be nothing but daydream fancies that distracted her thoughts.

But the wonders giggled silently and insisted on being seen.

And their laughing shook the branches just outside her windows.

Sending shadow-light trespassers to enter in and dance along her walls.

Beckoning her to come out and play.


4 thoughts on “Just past seeing

  1. I’ve nominated you for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. Please see today’s post called, “Thanks, Coach!” You are wonderful and your talent so deserving…

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