July4 074

There was a glow just beneath the sun.

A glimmering twin energy that followed the light around.

It went where the light went, and observed the light’s purpose with no thought for itself.

And the tiny glare was pleased to watch the day celebrate the light’s comings and goings.

How the ground lit gold for her.

And even the night twinkled its appreciation.

So on the day that the light disappeared, the little glow felt lost.

Left alone to perform the duties of the sun.

Left to keep watch over the immensity of the sky.

But it knew the sun’s path.

And somehow still felt its warmth.

So it moved along as it always had.

And to its surprise the ground still illuminated gold.

Flowers still turned in welcoming gestures.

And the night still sparkled.

And the little glow wondered why they hadn’t missed the sun as it had.

It wondered why they went about their day without question.

It wasn’t until the glow turned away from its task, that it saw all that it really was.

The sun and the glow were actually one and the same.

Its breadth altered only by its perception.

And despite only being able to see a fraction of its potential, its significance had not changed at all.


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