Faith against mountains

Virginia 197

I’ll speak faith into the sky.

To let it blend in with fresh air so that I may breathe it back in.

Because I’ll need it in my lungs this time.

I’ll need it to go the distance of this journey that I’ll be taking.

This long road, with its bends that I cannot see or feel resolve.

At the mercy of a force of sharp turning that aims to pull me off my center.

I’ll speak faith against these passing mountains.

So that they will echo the word back to me in my own voice.

Ricocheting against their strength again and again.

Reiterating the point until it seeps in and takes hold in me.

I’ll speak faith out loud.

Because someone else who is out of breath, and out of hope, may not be able to find the strength to utter it themselves.

I’ll speak faith because when I call its name, I believe it will come and find me.

Then I’ll know faith.


14 thoughts on “Faith against mountains

  1. truly beautiful. faith can be a difficult ‘thing’ – for lack of a better word – i remember as a child wondering what it was – i needed to have something tangible in front of me that stated – this is faith. it was not until i had my first son that i grasped an understanding of it, or for myself at least. the poem is a lovely description of what it means for you.

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