Memory Lane

July4 026

He always waved but no longer spoke the volumes that he had when they were younger.

Maybe he thought she understood the conversation behind the wave; behind those eyes.

And her mind wandered while she looked into them.

And for a moment she forgot where she was.

Taken back to when they’d sit on her parent’s rooftop and wait for the sky to change.

Up there where it felt like they belonged.

Higher up, where the ground couldn’t claim them.

Looking down from where the moment held them hostage.

Where any higher would have been flying, and any lower would have been lying.

It was ten years now gone.

And they had no idea…


8 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Mowing this morning on my lawn tractor, away in the mountains I remembered with sadness the first Woman (and the first person) who ever loved me for myself. I lost her because i didn’t believe in my own value enough to believe she could love me and that we could be together. After that I went looking for her but it was too late. After all these years I now have the self love and strength to look into her eyes and say I’m sorry I never loved myself enough to dare to tell you I loved you. You were the first to love me and the best. Ah bittersweet memories. When we come around again I’ll know just what to say “your the best friend I ever had so if you let me i’m gonna stay”. I think maybe she felt the same way, what do you think. All that from one poem. Nice work.

  2. It’s so important to find that love and appreciation for yourself. I’m so touched that you could relate to that feeling from this post. Thank you for sharing that part of yourself with me, Alexander. 🙂

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