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Tune your ear to the thunder roll in the distance, my friend.

To the bass drum result of crackling sky.

If I could will my love and comfort to you from here, it would produce such an energy.

It would burst through sound and space and rattle just outside of your windows.

And the rumblings coming closer and closer, would be chariots full with warrior messengers, come to deliver the news of my devotion.

Come to tell you that love’s power lit the night sky and cried out when it heard that you’d begun to doubt.

And when it subsides, it will lessen its impassioned growl, and echo its drumming in the distance.

Trailing off into muffled whispers.

Like heartbeat reminders.

So that even in my absence, you’ll know where your troubles lie.

Close to my own heart.


21 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. What incredible words – you can feel the power of the thunder in the words you have chosen – and to use as a metaphor for loving someone – wow – beautifully written.

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