fowers 013

His dreams came to him almost every night, wanting to escape his thoughts.

Hoping for a time when they could join him outside in the reality that seemed to keep him so distracted.

Looking for a way out after being closed up in such a tight space.

A space that only seemed to be growing tighter still; in this mind that had once nurtured dreams.

Where they’d played freely, roaming the imagination of a boy who took the time to let them run wild.

A boy who allowed their shimmer to decorate the inner parts of his mind to the point that every notion was covered in the residual wonders of believing.

Now, the dreams were being snuffed out one by one, in the mind of a man who had lost sight of their value.

A man who had traded them in for heavier things that simply took up space and provided no sparkle – no light.

Not seeing that in letting his dreams go, he was losing the source of what had made his childhood eyes twinkle.

And as the crowd of thoughts deemed more important, pushed and shoved for his attention, his dreams begged to remain.

They put on their finest enchantments and paced back and forth just behind his consciousness, in the hopes that he’d take them out some time.

That he would not only keep them alive, but let them live.


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