fowers 008


Rain weighed down the flower that had been first to greet the morning.

It had been so eager to show itself to the light.

So willing to usher in the dawn as it swept through the air with its long slender rays.

But the light didn’t visit long before cloud cover took its place.

And the little flower felt the blows of the storm.

It forgot to look up as the sun had always called it to.

Hanging its beautiful head while crystal droplets fell all around.

Raindrops, pounding into the ground with their threats.

But as the drops soaked in, the flower felt a change.

A newness that had seeped in through its roots.

Pulling new strength to grow from the same rain that had threatened to knock it down, even as the storm raged on.

And when the shower passed, the sun beamed down and warmed the neck of the little flower.

Letting it know that the worst was over.

And as the flower turned to see its old friend, it straightened up to find that it had grown.

It was taller and fuller than it had ever been.



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