Wonders to be found

July4 022


He stared into a blank piece of paper.

Blank from where I stood, but he saw more.

Constructing scenes yet to be painted.

Choruses yet to be written.

And feelings he wanted to dive into.

To swim around under their surfaces.

To find buried treasures within a page.

Gems within a line, and gold between stanzas.

Exploring a language that his heart had commissioned his hands to transcribe.


5 thoughts on “Wonders to be found

  1. What I love about this piece is how it colors potential. I see a scene with two people, both looking at a ‘beginning’, one of them swimming with what could be and the other unsure because she (i assume it’s a she) doesn’t have anything yet, the ‘start’ so to speak.

    What I hope happens is that he brings her in (or ‘starts’ her potential dreaming) by showing/living the future he is just now dreaming about.

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