From here

Chestnuthill 059


I’ll love you from here.

Because the weight of this world won’t let me fly.

But you – you’re already in mid air and still rising.

And I won’t dare wish you down.

But rather fan my arms to lift you higher.

I’ll sing out to you so that you can soar on the vibrations of my voice and sail on my breath.

I’ll do everything that I can to help you along.

Because this place is too broken for you to land.

I think it best that you remain in the sky.

And don’t let anyone drag you down, or convince you towards the ground.

Always look toward heaven.

And when you get tired, rest on tree tops.

Find strong branches to lean on, and I’ll climb up to meet you.

And we’ll sit together.

And I’ll listen as you tell me about your wonderful view.


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