In the dark

July4 109

Light was instructed to turn its back to her so that darkness could flood in to teach its lesson.

To take trust from her vision and place it in her heart.

So that trust was not deceived by sight but strengthened by an experience that forced her to see the light within.

A special kind of brilliance that was always present but often overlooked.

A radiance that didn’t shine like the day, but rather smoldered like golden embers.

A dim, warming knowledge in the root of her, that kept vigil in dark times such as these.

And she found that the dark was not the enemy that she thought it was.

It had its unseen gifts that would never have been noticed had the light kept shining.

And she delighted in her own golden glow.

And danced in the dark, casting golden shadows that played at her feet.


16 thoughts on “In the dark

  1. so that darkness could flood in to teach its lesson.

    It is hard to understand this when the instruction is imposed upon us. For far too many years the darkness enveloped me, delayed me, sidetracked me, frustrated me, agonized me. I understand now and your poem is an embodiment of that understanding. Also illustrates a wisdom that seems rare for a person of your youthful years.

  2. I can’t even tell you what this means to me, Carl. Thank you for sharing that with me and for seeing exactly where I was trying to go with this post. I’m so grateful to you! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Wow! You are both so kind. I went back as read your comments and was so touched by the support from both of you. I really respect both of you as writers and your thoughts mean so much. Thank you!

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