Chestnuthill 027

She must have looked broken.

Sitting alone with her hands to her head.

She had been trying to make sense of the feelings inside of herself when her hopes started to fall.

Plucked from their place in her skies, left to plummet to the ground.

And she tried to catch them as they fell.

She’d tried to capture them within her eyes so that she would still be able to see them.

But they only filled her eyes with tears.

Flooding her vision with heavy tears that wanted to break free and continue falling.

But she refused to let her hope fall any further than it already had.

So she covered her eyes with her hands.

Pressing tightly against her face to keep hope from running away.


6 thoughts on “Falling

  1. That is a serious dilemma. Keeping sadness inside or letting it go and being forced to face it eye to eye. I’m always scared of the empty space once occupied by sadness we chose to flush with tears. Is this an unwelcoming soil for feelings? Is this part of human soul so damaged that it becomes poisonous to anything but sadness? It is known that nothing grows on salt. Should we then be surprised by the taste of tears?
    Your work fits my mood perfectly, Devan. Thank you.

  2. I always appreciate your take on these posts. And as usual, I love your thoughts here. Thank you again for your insightful comments. šŸ™‚

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