Mosaic 001

The condition of our hearts is a fickle thing.

The way it swells and shrinks.

What it holds.

What it gives.

Its beating, and the beating it can take and still press on.

And if it should ever be moved, what a feeling it creates!

If it should ever be touched, that is a goodness that will never be forgotten.

Like fingerprints, forever etched into the very thing that sustains us.

Impressions, both good and bad, leaving their marks.

Resulting in an artistry that plays its part in defining us individually.

Mosaic patterns, where the light and the dark, turn into unseen beauties carried by us all.

Masterpieces of the heart, crafted into every wall.


17 thoughts on “Mosaics

  1. Devan – I am such a fan of your talent with words. You do what I once wrote about for a thesis: you “see with the eyes of the heart.” Have you published a book of your work?

  2. That means so much! Thank you. I have been thinking a lot recently about putting a book together. It’s actually amazing to me that you brought that up because I haven’t really moved on it yet, but it’s been on my mind. I don’t exactly know how to begin that process, but I appreciate the encouragement! I really do. Thanks again. 🙂

  3. “Amazing that I brought it up?” Devan – nothing is random… Go for it and I will gladly purchase the first copy, but you must autograph it!!!

  4. Thank you for saying that, Theresa!! You’re right, nothing is random! I knew that, but I needed to hear it again. You’ve blessed my day. 🙂

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