Virginia 158


She hadn’t been out in a long time.

Living in the isolation of her mind for so long that the thought of stepping outside of her own comfort filled her with worry.

Because the threat of  “what if”, overpowered her ability to reason.

Trapped behind thoughts that whispered every negative possibility.

But her heart had not succumb to the circumstances of her mind.

And her need outweighed her fear on this particular day.

So she left the cool of the dark, and made her way towards the outside.

Opening the door, light immediately flooded her floors.

It crept up her body, covering every bit of her.

And her eyes adjusted to what they feared.

Revealing hidden beauties that had gone unnoticed behind shadow covers.

And she pushed the door all of the way open to let in as much light as she could.

Curious now about what else she would find.




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