As You May Think

Virginia 200

In a place where people existed on the level of their thoughts, she sat above the clouds.

Looking down on where she had lived for too long.

A place that she no longer called home.

She had thought grounded thoughts for most of her life, and they had given her grounded results.

There was even a time when she thought so little of herself that she placed herself below others.

And her thoughts buried her low in the ground.

Underfoot, where she was stepped on with little consideration.

But when it occurred to her to dream, she started to rise.

When she took dreaming out of the confines of slumber and mere make believe, there was no ceiling that could hold her.

And she floated as high as she liked.

And took her place among the stars.

Waiting to become a wish that would cause some else to start to rise.

Because daring to dream had made her something to look up to.


11 thoughts on “As You May Think

  1. I love and have loved since our initial meeting, all your posts. There is so much emotion in every entry. The way you convey them captures and holds a readers attention, no easy feat. Yet, you master it with grace and ease. xo. Belinda

  2. That means so much to me, Belinda! You’ve touched my heart. Thank you! I was just telling someone about you and how supportive you’ve been since I started posting regularly here. I continue to think of you as the “angel” of wordpress.

    Thanks again!! šŸ™‚

  3. You brought tears to me eyes. Angel of wordpress, left me breathless and humbled, and honored. xo It’s so easy to love your work. You add value to my life. Hugs

  4. Oh, I’ve gone all teary, as ever šŸ™‚ Beautiful work, Devan. The penultimate line particularly made me pause. What a lovely turn – not only hoping and wishing but becoming that for somebody else. This is such an uplifting and inspiring poem, it brightened my morning.

  5. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, Dora! Thank you for this comment. I really do appreciate your support. šŸ™‚

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