See for yourself

July4 030

After he taught her all that she should know, the teacher took it all back and said,

“Remove me from your lenses now, so that you can see for yourself.

Come out from behind all of the veils that dampen your outlook.

Step out from behind the shadowy shelter of knowing from time to time, to let the light shine on you once again.

Risk the heat to study up close what is best interpreted in the light.

Don’t be afraid to know that you don’t know.

Recognize bewilderment as a call on your spirit to seek a new level of preparedness.

Always answer the call because it means that you are ready.”

And with that, he sent his precious student away with nothing and everything.

Believing in her fully.


10 thoughts on “See for yourself

  1. The second to the last line. I take to heart. My son will be leaving for college in the next month. I feel as if I am sending him with all that I have but he still has to find his own way.

  2. Yes! As a mother to young kids, I felt a strong connection to this idea too! I’m so glad that it connected with you.

    Thanks again for reading!

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