In front of mirrors

Virginia 084

He lined them up in front of mirrors so that they could see what he saw.

But from their varied heights, the views didn’t line up.

Their particular bends changed the light and shade of perception.

And even the breath that they breathed cast its haze across their visions.

So that the same picture from his eyes to theirs, was entirely different.

And no matter how they positioned themselves, they described the same reflection uniquely.

Emphasizing what stood out most from their individual vantage points.

Coming to the realization after some time, that they may not ever see eye to eye, or color to color, or preference to preference.

But they could have such a wealth of conversation in their trying to do so.

That in their words, they could help each other see more clearly.

And maybe it wasn’t ever about what they saw, but what they said.


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