Stars came down


Virginia 083

They held a dream that was not their own.

This group of givers.

As was the custom in their land, a place where stars hung low and lined the streets at night.

And it was their giving that called to the heavens.

Their giving sparked the star’s curiosity and coaxed them down from the sky to come and watch more closely.

And they watched as a band of ordinary people were made extraordinary.

People that altered the space around them by the lengths that they would go to bring dreams to the doorsteps of their dreamers.

In this special place, the many worked together to make one another’s dreams come true.

Though they weren’t themselves magical, they set magic in motion by doing this service.

And as they made their way down the starlit street, the stars rallied around them.

Twinkling their applause.


10 thoughts on “Stars came down

  1. Lovely, heartfelt writing! The third especially is just *magical.*

    I’m very pleased that you dropped by and liked some of the haiku/poetry on my “Randa Lane…” blog:.

    “Randa Lane…” is now devoted entirely to my haiku, tanka, other short verse forms, and occasional humor pieces.

    I’ve just begun to explore your poetry but find it very impressive, unlike so much of what passes for poetry online! Yours is so rich by comparison. I’ll be visiting often!

    Best Success,


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