First look

Virginia 098


She remembered seeing him for the first time.

But what made even more of an impact was the feeling of being seen.

Really seen.

Like he’d been waiting for her to show up.

Like he immediately saw past the shell of her and saw into the best of her.

A look that asked all of the most important questions.

And waited through all of the difficult answers.

One that told her she wasn’t just good enough, but every ounce of wonderful.

And it wasn’t just the first look, but somehow every look since.

Held safely in his gaze, but still wanting to fall.


14 thoughts on “First look

  1. yes indeed you definitely should dear your art with words is already established now with pictures the world will see I would like to request you to start with your pictures

  2. I will definitely keep that in mind! I really do appreciate that, especially coming from you. I respect your photographic eye. šŸ™‚

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