Virginia 224


She tried to take pictures of fireflies at night.

But the yellow-gold flashes moved too quickly and then vanished.

Only to light up again in an entirely different place.

And she guessed at where it would turn up next.

Flitting around like a child playing a game.

Running her hands over the tops of too tall grasses.

Lost for a moment in what felt like chasing magic, caught in hot summer breezes.

A fairy tale world where she imagined enchanted lights, hiding away behind doors that led to secret places.

Standing in a field of sparkle set to the music of invisible crickets.

Scanning the space around her for the chance to pretend again.




19 thoughts on “Make-believe

  1. Devan, please behave a little. I’m struggling with scribbler’s block here and you obviously want to make me explode due to jealousy overdose 🙂 . OK, but seriously. It is an interesting image, maybe it’s because I’ve never seen fireflies… the whole piece is dreamy, almost unreal (not Roxette kind of thing 🙂 ). Trying to catch the fairytale kind of moment, make it stop and have a proof that it actually happened. I don’t know why, but I could sense weirdly thick air here, making one’s movements slightly slower. Something like a nature’s ballet… Hadn’t I lost my hat, I would take it off now.

  2. Haha! Thank you my friend! I’m so glad that you saw into it and gave it a slow motion quality. “Thick air” as you put it. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Always great to hear from you! 🙂

  3. Ha! No. I wrote this after I tried to take pictures the other night, and unfortunately none of them came out. But it sparked this idea, so that will have to do! 🙂

  4. Absolutely! Please feel free to share music anytime! 🙂 I usually feel the most comfortable writing when there’s music playing.

  5. I never know what to say to this because my preferences change daily. I’ve been listening to Joni Mitchell and Bill Withers lately, but also a lot of instrumental music. Check out Fabrizio Paterlini if you get a chance, or Max Richter’s “on nature of daylight”. Or if you like bluesy soul music, JP Cooper is this really cool guy from the UK.

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