At her feet

Virginia 125



She crouched down and traced the line around her shadow.

And the shadow played along.

Reaching out to the fullness of itself.

Wanting to exist where she did.

Where it could walk tall and graze the sky.

But pleased enough to rest here in her presence.

Grateful for where it had been permitted to roam.

At the feet of men and women.

To humbly abide where souls stood.

Appreciating the view from lowliness because the only option there was to look up.

And now with the full attention of the one that cast it, the shadow stretched long across the grass.

Pleased to keep company with the kind of person who would take time to acknowledge the shadow of herself.





8 thoughts on “At her feet

  1. Haha! Go for it! I think it would be interesting to see where you go with this phrase as a prompt. (If that makes sense.) No pressure at all! I just think it would be a cool thing to try.

    Thanks again for reading! 🙂

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