Light reflected

I’ll be re-posting some older pieces that may have been lost in the archives. Have a great weekend!

Posed and Written

April 2013 033


Hers was transparent.

Some called it a worthless piece of armor that would fail to protect her when the fighting started.

Made of glass, it was given to her by her mother.

A shield handed down by generations of women before her who had gone into battle.

It gave them away every time.

Exposing their every move.

Revealing every flinch  – more a window than a shield.

Leaving them completely vulnerable.

So, how had it survived the generations?

How had something perceived as a weakness manage to last?

Unlike the solid shields, made heavy with the purpose of withstanding a blow, hers was lightweight.

It allowed her the freedom to maneuver  with precision.

It was blinding in its glare.

It also gave her the opportunity of perspective – the clarity of scope.

While the others peaked out from behind armor that was supposed to protect them, she stood out in the…

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