More than anything…

morris 014

More than anything she wanted to find faith.

To look at it even if only from a distance.

To say for certain that she’d seen it for herself.

And even though she couldn’t find it, the desire stayed close to her heart.

Because no idea was so lovely.

The thought that there was something just past the point of “never”.

She couldn’t shake the limitless beauty that it possessed.

New worlds of possibility could open with such a key.

And as she continued to search for it here and there – high and low – faith stayed out of sight.

Standing behind her all along.

The very thing that caused her searching – whispering to her from time to time.

Turning her head with its suggestions.


8 thoughts on “More than anything…

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your work . Thank you for visiting my blog and making it possible to find yours. Keep writing. πŸ™‚

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