To be honest

morris 007



There was no punishment when the hard truth came out.

No penalty when she mustered the strength to be honest.

When she took a chance to lay bare what lumped tightly in her throat.

And as tears welled up and spilled, so did the telling.

Then tears and truth fell soft in the safest place.

A space held by kind eyes that never looked away.

An uninterrupted place where she could trust to be heard.

Where unflinching arms were prepared to hold her and ask nothing.

Arms that understood the honor and privilege of carrying the weight of chains that had once rested on a heart.


10 thoughts on “To be honest

  1. Yes!! Understand can hit deep down where words aren’t always necessary. I’m so glad that you felt it! Thanks for reading, Kim! πŸ™‚

  2. A beautiful poem. It reminds me of times spent sharing from our hearts with a true friend, one who will not judge but will listen and understand. And your photo is exquisite!

  3. Chains can be so very heavy, a tightness in the chest, opressing weight on the shoulders, a staggering heart trying to keep up with the daily rhythm. Loved it, Devan.

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