New music!

Jamila Silvera cover art

Hi everyone! This is a special post. I would like to introduce a friend of mine who is not only incredibly talented, she is a phenomenal human being – she radiates light and love! Jamila Silvera is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and artist that has just released a new song. Β Please take a few and give it a listen.

Thanks and enjoy!!!


30 thoughts on “New music!

  1. [ Smiles ] She is highly talented. I think that she would do well on a major record label.

  2. I’m in love with a voice…how nuts can I be? please understand the meaning of LOVE in this case because I love my girlfriend too πŸ™‚ Please let me know anytime she relases another song. ok? tyvm

  3. Haha! I understand. I’m in love with it too! I will let you know when any other songs come out! Thanks again for supporting my friend! I means a lot!

  4. I do what I can. unfortunatelly I don’t use a credit card to buy her song(personal reasons) but I hope my share will end to at least 1 download to make peace with myself.

  5. awwwww. Laurie, Thank you so much! Tell your daughter that when i read this comment, I smiled sooo big that you could see my molars. really, my face hurts!

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