With every breath

morris 062



She blew her troubles away one deep breath at a time.

Running to get them off of her chest.

To release them from her rib cage.

Captured self images that threatened her heart and caused it to race.

Old images that conjured up old shames.

And she had to get them out – run them off.

To make room for all of the good that she was running towards.


11 thoughts on “With every breath

  1. Whenever I see a new post from you pop up in my news feed I smile in delight. You do not only have a way with words but you have something even more important, a versatile and enthralling voice. You’re good, Devan, very good. 🙂

  2. That is so nice of you to say!! I feel the same way about your work. I’ve enjoyed your video posts recently.

    Thanks so much for reading, Fredrik! 🙂

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