Tied together

morris 016



In a group discussion, the question was  asked, “where can love be felt?”

Many immediately pointed to their hearts.

Touching some dear memory triggered there.

Another pointed to his hands, and explained that in serving was where he felt love most.

And another put her hand to her throat and expressed that it was in telling, or speaking of it that she felt close to love.

One man had no answer that he could point to.

He explained that for him, love was found in strength.

But not in muscle, or might.

For him, love was in whatever it is that called him to try again.

The thing that blinked away tears.

The strength which allowed him to turn his back on yesterday and take a step forward.

And as he described his own love experience, the people in the group felt the same swell of emotion rising off of him.

And the different pictures that they saw, and the different ways they felt, didn’t matter as much as the fact that love had tied them together.

And love had done in that moment what only love can do.



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