None like this

morris 015

She had seen promises before.

But none like his.

The ones before flew high in the air, like flags for all to see, but never drew close enough for her to benefit from them.

His promise covered her like sunlight streaming down.

Touching the ground where she stood – low and humble.

It fell about her feet and guarded each step.

But was still able to rise like walls when cold doubts blew.

An unflinching promise, strong enough to face her fears.

Yet gentle enough to calm them.

It enveloped her and took root within.

And he tended to it so that it would not wither.

He became so dedicated to his word that he began to resemble it.

Embodying the pledge he made to the point that he no longer had to speak of it.

He had become it.


28 thoughts on “None like this

  1. Yes I do! Thank you for reading through so many pieces!! I’m so grateful to you for the award nominations as well. You are always so generous! šŸ™‚

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