morris 023



He had already turned his back.

Still, she kept waving.

Waving goodbye.

Then “goodbye” turned into “don’t go.”

Frantically waving at someone too far away.

And she couldn’t cry out because he had made the choice to leave.

So her voice respected his decision, but her arms couldn’t because they’d held him.

And so she waved until those arms ached.

Waved until he was well out of sight.

Waved until her heart mimicked the sunset, and her sky turned dark.

And star lights twinkled far off memories.



13 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. I like the idea of, let’s call it… Bodily defiance. It’s so ironic, first mind provokes body, encourages to cross boundaries, to dare, promising so much… And when it’s time to say goodbye (not the song, please!), abandoned feelings flow through veins to distant parts, out of the sight of mind. And warden heart. Before these temporary shelters turn into graves, hand keeps waving… Beautiful, Devan.

  2. Thanks again for your support. And can I just say, I love your comments!! You have such a way of seeing into the work. Yes, I liked the idea of “bodily defiance” as well. It goes along with being truly torn and the process of acceptance.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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