morris 061



She had some explaining to do, for the way she’d been acting.

So she packed up for a trip towards the apology that she knew she must give.

Readying her baggage so she’d be prepared when she got there.

She arranged all of her facts first – these she’d surely use.

Then lined up her excuses – just in case.

Lastly, she added remorse, but when she went to put it in the suitcase, it didn’t fit.

Being in a hurry, she decided to hold it in her hands.

She zipped the case and began making her way towards the apology.

On the road there, she tripped.

Her case went flying, and all of the facts, and all of the excuses, scattered.

Some caught by the wind.

Some sullied by mud.

Brokenhearted, she looked into her hands at the only thing that remained – her remorse.

She walked the rest of the way, guarding what little was left of all that she had planned to give.

A grand display, whittled down to what she clasped in feeble hands.

Hoping it would be enough.







39 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. I can’t tell how old you are from your picture, but your wisdom abounds for one so young… Love your work; it is always thought-provoking.

  2. nice post i like it 🙂 I want to thank you for following and liking my posts 🙂 you have so kind to me thanks a lot once again for all the likes 🙂

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