To believe

afternoon 017



When there was nothing to lean against but the conviction in his heart.

When no nods of approval or reassurance eased his questioning spirit.

When his will shook alongside legs fatigued from standing.

He remained.

Because the fire inside felt warmest in this place of truth.

Because wavering felt like cheating on himself.

Because his inner fabric was stitched and fitted perfectly for a purpose he had no proof of, other than to feel it.

He’d be content with the beautiful dream that no one else seemed to see.

Because it was reward enough to look in the mirror and be proud of what he saw.

An uncompromised man of integrity.




32 thoughts on “To believe

  1. Your work is outstanding. I don’t always comment because I know it’s time consuming responding to people and I don’t want to add pressure; but I do click like to let you know I’m watching. You’re a blessing to me.

  2. You never add pressure to my day, but comment or not please know that I appreciate your support!! Thank you again and again! xoxo

  3. Devan, the way the concrete imagery and the underlying ethics/substance come together in this one is so wonderful. Thank you, so glad you liked something on my blog so I found yours.

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