A game

morris 041



Light spots played in orange-red circles behind her eyelids as she counted and he hid.

A children’s game she thought she would have outgrown by now.

She knew he’d be gone when she opened her eyes, and that the game would drag on for another round, with her being “it”.

He would hide and she would find him and convince him to play again.

Convincing herself that she liked chasing after him.

She counted down, “five, four, three, two…”

But she couldn’t will herself to open her eyes this time.

Couldn’t bear the absence she’d come to expect.

Instead, she would watch the light show behind those eyelids.

Stuck behind them.

Standing alone, she’d do a little hiding of her own.


7 thoughts on “A game

  1. Quiet lights never disappear 🙂 they keep dancing for you because they like dancing and your company 🙂 I like this; we can always open our eyes later as long as we decide we will open them later.

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