Break in

morris 106



She said, “tell me what you’re looking for.  I’ll help you find it.”

She had come to believe that he must have been searching for something when his words cut through.

Slicing open, looking in her for the things he lacked.

Like a thief, breaking in to take what valuables he could find.

Searching for the peace he couldn’t seem to find within himself.

An unnecessary invasion.

Forced entry into a heart that was never locked in the first place.



14 thoughts on “Break in

  1. ‘His words cut through’… How much I can relate to it. Words, memories, faces, doubts, regrets. They’re ultimate snipers aiming at one particular, vurnelable cell… Devan, if it doesn’t make sense, blame 3am, not me 🙂

  2. I am in love with this. It is lyrical and beautiful — short, but it packs a huge emotional punch. This piece is haunting — in a good way. Beautiful stuff!!

  3. No, I was just reading that piece on your blog and really liked it!! I love how a thought can go in so many different directions in writing! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. girl!!! more! do you do reading at shops or shows? you must! it’s toooo good. i moan or sigh after eeEvery post!!!! get it DEv. youda best!!!

  5. Elegant, the simplest most beautiful explanation of this feeing that I have ever read. I am posting this on my Facebook page
    And hope others do too.
    Thank you for the gift,

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