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She decided to steep instead of drown.

A decision made while falling.

Knowing that after impact, she’d be left alone – drifting in the deep.

She would allow the heat to pull the essence from her – to infuse the space around her.

She would wade there until what was inside of her was coaxed out.

Seeping even into the air, waking the senses like sweet perfume.

Left floating in the heat of the moment.

Left alone in the deep.

Taking advantage of what her circumstances had wrought.

She would remain there.

Determined to steep instead of drown.


27 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. You probably already know this, but an online thesaurus can be your best friend when you feel like you’re blanking out on a word. I’ve used one many times! 🙂

  2. Very creative – love the tea bag analogy. That’s us . . . all little tea bags 😉 But what kind of tea are we? Bitter? Or sweet? Love your work?

  3. Have thought that for a while … Sorry I didn’t mention early … Your work is so deep and beautiful … You take everyday stories and place the reality of stars in a dark night into them.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    This poem was so lovely! It led me farther into your beautiful blog, and I felt happy at finding such a wonderful treat in an otherwise hum-drum day. Your writing is lyrical and lovely. I enjoyed it very much, and I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  5. Wow. Can’t believe what you can squeeze out of a teabag (pun intended). You have a wonderful way of looking beyond the obvious and capturing the essence of what you see. Well written. I will be following you to see where you can take me.

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