Writer’s block


May pictures 015

“Just a verse”, she begged.

Sitting at the feet of the storyteller.

Staring up, looking for any gesture that would indicate his favor on her behalf.

He patted her hand and shook his head no.

Crushed, she sank into the ground where she sat.

Not being able to remove herself from his side, she decided then and there to be his champion.

She’d stay close and protect the quiet that he required to conjure his best work.

Instead of stories that day, she’d protect the quiet.


Hi friends! This little story came out of a pretty lengthy bought of writer’s block. I decided to run with it and this is what I got. I thought that I’d share that with you because it’s definitely something that the majority of us has dealt with at one time or another.

Thanks for stopping by!



9 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. I’m feeling this!! Funny, cause I could totally relate but I didn’t read it as writers block. I read it as love. Sitting in front of a man wanting to be told a story! I hope I never grow out of this need and I hope you don’t either – as this piece is very touching …. (even if it was meant to be about writer’s block)
    Hope that makes some sense. 🙂
    Love and light xxx

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