In the cold

winter 2012 011

As a child he had learned not to cry.

Wiping away warm tears.

He imagined stuffing the tears down into the dark.

Pushing them down into the deepest part of himself – inside of his heart.

Hiding them like pirates hide their treasures.

He learned that strength meant not showing his feelings, so he shut those away too.

Down into his center – hidden away.

Not realizing that in doing so, he too plummeted into darkness.

Growing colder and colder over time.

Years passed and he began to notice that he couldn’t feel his toes anymore, or his fingers.

The cold seemed to be creeping in with its bite.

Making its way up his legs and arms.

Effecting the way that he moved and was moved.

But when the chill began turning in the direction of his heart, he began to cry.

Not wanting to lose the treasure that he had buried there as a boy.

Warm tears thawed his frozen cheeks, unlocking his ability to smile.

Warm tears dropped onto his hands, allowing them to feel.

Tears he’d held back for years were now freeing him from his coldness.


15 thoughts on “In the cold

  1. What a beautiful expression of the human condition of hiding who we are and what we feel as a way to protect ourselves. It is so true the process of doing that causes us so much more pain in the end. May you never grow cold my friend…your words warm my heart!

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