May pictures 014


In a dream she saw someone sleeping in a car by the road.

And when she approached the car, she could make out that it was in fact her own face pressed against the glass.

She saw her sleeping self curled up in the back seat .

She stood – out of body – ย looking on from the outside.

She felt the need to watch over herself as a guardian.

In this dream, she couldn’t wake herself up.

Banging on the windows and pulling at the door handles.

Warning her sleeping self that this was not a safe place to rest.

Warning that traffic would soon come and that she needed to get out.

Her sleeping self finally woke up.

And face to face the girl looked into her own eyes.

Headlights in the distance shone bright on the girl.

She yelled to herself to get out of the car.

The girl inside struggled with the lock, but it wouldn’t budge.

The car was speeding closer to them.

In a moment of panic, the girl outside decided to run.

Struggling with the decision of which self to save.

Her inner self or her outer self.


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