Racing shadows

winter 2012 112


She thought that she saw the shadow of a man.

Someone approaching from behind – so she quickened her pace.

He wasn’t going to take her place in line!

She just knew there was going to be a line.

There was always a line at that time of morning.

She didn’t dare look back and let on that she was indeed racing this man to the door.

That may have triggered him to hurry as well, and she just had to get there first – determined not to be late for work again.

She was almost jogging by this point.

Jogging to beat the man to the door of the shop that she just ย knew would have a line in it.

When she finally reached the door, expecting to see his reflection in the window, no one was there.

She turned around to look for the man, but saw no one.

Who had she been racing all that time?

Who’s shadow was she beating to the finish?

The anxious feeling swelling in her chest cooled to a slight embarrassment and she walked inside the shop.

Funny enough, there was no line.


11 thoughts on “Racing shadows

  1. Your work is excellent; it’s fast and exciting and so full of insight. Just wonderful!

  2. Hey Devan- Are you in Philadelphia? (I am.) That photograph is unmistakably Philadelphia, even without the Bainbridge St. sign. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheers.

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